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I am interested in investing in the stock market , and thought other members may also be interested in increasing their income .

Cast1es 8 Mar 5
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The value of money changes over time . Think back to when you were small . How much did your favorite candy bar cost . What does it cost now ? Instead of thinking that the costs are going up , think the value of money is going down . In order to retain the value of my retirement fund , I invest part of what I have , in order to keep the value of it , up with the cost of living . For instance , my real estate taxes went up 14% this year . In the cataloges I receive , I see that the cost of clothing has increased . My contrator who does work on my house , as needed , has decided he needs to increase his income to impress his dates . My doctors have decided they make a LOT of repeat visits , instead of me setting up an appointment when I think I need medical help . Being retired does not mean I'm getting raises to cover all of these increases . I can no longer work , but I can study , learn , and carefully invest in my future .

Cast1es Level 8 Mar 10, 2018

Shop at Goodwill. Real estate taxes are deductible if you itemize. Retire with the largest mortgage possible to get the write offs. Minimal doctors visits via Medicare. Work on the house? Do what you can yourself or take a home equity loan which is still deductible for house repairs. Do not eat candy bars or buy them.

@Countrywoman Have been doing these things for most of my life , the exception being , my house is paid for in full . I do still have maintenance and improvement costs , and , of course , real estate taxes . I don't trust Medicare , after what they did to SS , so am afraid to rely on that form of medical insurance .


What method(s) do you use to chose your investment stocks ?

Cast1es Level 8 Mar 6, 2018

I've had luck with both NVDA and NFLX , this year .

Cast1es Level 8 Mar 6, 2018

I am more interested in preserving what I have , and even more interested in making the best use of it.
That doesn't mean making more money to me.
Speculation isn't my style, I would only ever buy shares where the asset value is lower than the price on the stock market. Happens rarely, I remember years ago, AWA was such an item.

Rugglesby Level 8 Mar 5, 2018

I invest in mutual funds through my 401k. Other than that, I just have a little bit in ETFs just for fun.

Nuke Level 5 Mar 5, 2018

How long do you have before you will need the money? If you are 73 as your profile indicates I would invest only what I could feel comfortable LOSING. Or feel comfortable leaving it to a charity or person(s). Long term is the only way to win for a novice.

Mooolah Level 8 Mar 5, 2018

Actually , I've made about $6 K this year , through short term investing . For the present , at least , I'm only using one of my retirement incomes to live off of . With 45 in office , I'd be afraid of any long term investments .


My current plan is to invest heavily in Chinese steel. 🙂

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!


Not as much as I am in making sure I invest in Ethical and progressive endeavours. Have invested in 100% socially responsible. My friends know how I feel, I had one telling me he'd brought shares and then said I wouldn't like it as it was in Uranium! But I know some people prefer the lucrative options and it's a gamble on my part too.

No reason you can't invest both responsibly and for income as well .

Have you looked at SWELL as a possible source of responsible environmental and ethical offers?

Not yet, most of my capital is tied to a superannuation at present; will certainly bear it in mind though. Thank you.


Have been buying INSY and new age pharmaceutical NWGFF.

azzow2 Level 9 Mar 5, 2018
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