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In the first episode of the YouTube series “These Thems,” the main character Vero, a non-binary dog walker, anxiously goes to their gynecology appointment. Their gynecologist notices that they mark their gender as ‘transgender’ on the intake form. The gynecologist explains she thinks people should use the bathrooms of their choosing, especially ‘guys like’ Vero. Vero cringes slightly before correcting her stating that they are non-binary and use they/them pronouns. The gynecologist smiles and remarks — “Oh lucky me! I thought I was only seeing one patient today!” Despite its light hearted tone, this scene accurately portrays a common occurrence in the life of transgender and non-binary individuals: being misgendered.

snytiger6 9 Nov 20
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I am sorry, if someone has to go to the bathroom, go. I could not care less where. I have never been inspected to make sure I have the proper equipment for the proper room. Get over it, find something useful to do.


I'm fortunate enough to know who I am regardless of the words people misuse.
The reason for this is the game comes down like this, either I can accept that people are stupid and go on with my life, or I can get mad and possibly end up in jail or worse.
I will admit that pronouns have caused more than one episode of Tourettes syndrome for me when I know It won't initiate a conflict.

Do you have Tourette's? I have a slight case, Bark and Jerk occasionally.

@dalefvictor No Dale, I’m one of the assholes that cuss and claim it’s Tourette’s as a joke. I’m sorry about your condition and no there’s nothing funny about it. I hope I didn’t offended you dear, I’m done with this line of jokes ✅

@Willow_Wisp You cannot offend me. Keep doing what you are doing with my blessings. Just remember do not think about it just let it go. You are not an asshole, you just have one. When I perform some people laugh as I do it can be quite funny. I do not take myself that seriously.

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