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LINK Scotland passes bill making it easier to change gender | Reuters

LONDON, Dec 22 (Reuters) - Scotland's parliament on Thursday approved disputed reforms that make it easier for transgender people to change their legal gender, including removing the need for a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria and lowering the minimum age to 16 from 18.

The Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) bill passed by 86 votes to 39, making Scotland the first region of the United Kingdom to approve a self-identification process for changing gender.

snytiger6 9 Dec 23
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I grew up in an era when masculine appearing woman were just thought of as Butch. And effeminate men were were called queens or sissy's. I think most LGB people don't exhibit any stereotyped looks or mannerisms. I had a fairly Butch lesbian manager once. We became good friends. She could throw a softball better than any guy I knew. She told me she made herself look Manish to avoid the attention of men. She was very intelligent and very feminine otherwise. As she got older she became very elegant. Back then there were a few drag queens saving up for the operation but most of the effeminate men I'd met never told me they were in the wrong body. They were just not traditionally scripted men in terms of their mannerisms and I'm not sure I'd label their mannerisms feminine as I've not seen woman act like that either. They're distinct to some gay men but most gay men are not usually that detectable.

I'm not sure where this transgenderism is coming from. Sometimes I think it's more of a stereotype that unsophisticated straight people have of gay people. That somehow we all want to be the other sex. I've never ever felt that way and none of the LGB people I've known have ever said that they were not gendered correctly.

I'm also not saying that sometimes nature isn't always matched correctly. LGB people were once told they were mentally ill. Then finally that diagnosis was dropped. Who am I to say that some people's minds may not match their body identity. I just think there seems to be more now than ever before. Why is what I want to understand.

Mickey Level 5 Dec 30, 2022

Rubbish. I thought the Scots had more sense.

amymcmxcii Level 6 Dec 30, 2022

Good for Scotland. I wish our country was that enlightened.

freedom41 Level 9 Dec 23, 2022

This is in contrast with the transphobic England with their dominant TERF movement.

Theresa_N Level 8 Dec 23, 2022
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