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Shocking news, the Catholic Church doesn't like them transgenders

PalacinkyPDX 8 July 26
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It seems the more churches suffer falling numbers, the more some of them cling to their hateful fear tactics of scapegoating LGBT people, single mothers, the poor, etc. "Blame the victim," a classic popular tactic. I still marvel at how they convince themselves that their guru Jesus would approve. He only stressed the exact opposite and made it a centerpiece of his message (at least as portrayed in the gospels.)


The Catholics or any of those Christinsanity members. All their buildings are nearly empty as it is. Maybe they will change before extinction. I really don’t care. Do u?

sophmag Level 5 July 27, 2018

Which is a shame, but it makes us not like them all that much either. All it does is give us more baggage.

PiperATX Level 6 July 26, 2018

Of course it doesn't. It hasn't figured out what to do with them yet.

It can shove the gays in a convent or a seminary and then put them in charge of P.R. But those pesky transgender people don't fit in with the breeding programme and don't fit in with the propaganda one either.

Oh what to do with them?


Whatever, they don't have to. Do you, because no one else can.

Jess2zz Level 5 July 26, 2018

That's a shame. The catholic cult is more understanding than the others. They are still brain washed by dogma, which makes them 2 faced. There have been brief times I thought about becoming a woman. I thought would be happier if I did. The money for the surgeries, etc. is biggest hurdles. I'm still debating with myself to do it or not. I'm sure anyone who reads this wouldn't have problem with it.

freedom41 Level 9 July 26, 2018

@sassysapiosexual What would you like to know?

@sassysapiosexual oh sorry my bad.

@PalacinkyPDX What non-medicalized things can one to do the transition? I might want to try them.

@freedom41 I live totally as a female (assigned male at birth because of what happened to be between my legs). I am lucky to have natural breasts but (and I won't tell anyone I meet here in the UK this, it's none of their business) I still have between my legs what I had at birth. Everybody accepts me as female, including the health service and I am female on my passport. What is most important to me is I have the total lifestyle I want. I would love the vaginoplasty but for reasons I won't go into here it may not happen. My message to you would be: go and live as the person you really are. My life is SO much better now and yes the first few times I ventured out I was a bit nervous but I got over that very quickly. I wish you luck and every happiness.

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