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Wow! Apparently, we lbgtq types don't exist. There are no orientations, only choice of behavior. So says a very prominent American Catholic archbishop. Oh, and liberal society is simultaneously responsible for our "confusion" and for the priest sex scandals. The church is not primarily responsible. Yeah, right.

MikeInBatonRouge 8 Oct 7
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So us lgbtq types somehow forced a priests choice of behaviour? Hmm.


Blame someone else...sorry ass pricks....


Ha! Christian BS

CS60 Level 7 Oct 7, 2018

I wish the Christians could mind there own business. How I interact with humanity is none of there business.

freedom41 Level 9 Oct 7, 2018

I cannot believe the catholic church has not been outlawed nothing but a pack of lying stealing child molesting creeps.
They have ruined more lives than they ever made better and single handily set civilization back 500 years

0 makes me hate...i shouldnt hate but i can't help it. I wish we could just evolve past religion or evolve religion which is what i called for here:


Nothing at all remarkable here. Religion has always accepted that some people are same sex attracted. What religion expects is for you to repress the urge to act upon that sexuality, so that you can fulfil your destiny as part of your faith's breeding programme.

I think what's being said here is that there's no special dispensation that allows you to lead a homosexual or bisexual 'lifestyle.' Gay or not, you have two choices: either knuckle down and be a practising heterosexual, or abstain and never know intimacy.

It's religious appropriation of sexual pleasure in order to put future generations of bums on pews. And Catholicism (one of the few, certainly Christian, faiths that still can't handle the idea of birth control) is particularly fixated with this method of propagation.

Islam, for one, is in denial that it exists within muslim societies and calls it a Westetn invention. This, despite areas where tons of male to male sex is happening rather publicly. They all claim to be heterosexuals who simply lack access to women, while anyone identifying as gay is at risk of being murdered with absolutely no protection from authorities. I just watched a Netflix documentary "How Gay is Pakistan?" It was somewhat surprising.


You lost me when you said Catholic. Anyone who condones raping children generally, and specifically on a level that circumvents the power of governmental law on an organizational level, can't tell me shit about who I have consensual adult relations with.

Olnoseven Level 7 Oct 7, 2018

Well said.

I don't think they ever condoned it as much as denied it, then when dragged irrefutable into the public spotlight said "Okay, it is wrong, but it is the fault of liberal societies." Other than that, I heartily agree about the utter lack of moral authority.

@MikeInBatonRouge I know you agree, but let me clarify. It has yet to be proven that the Catholic church has supporting the raping of children explicitly, but when you find about about, spend money on quieting the victims, moving the offending priest to a foreign place full of brown people where he cannot be brought back to face the criminal charges never filed against him to begin with, you're sending a very strong message to other offenders that there are no serious consequences to their actions. They spent a lot of effort not stopping it...and to me, that's condoning it.

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