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Personally, I have no use for Christianity, and I saw through it and rejected it about 30 years ago, but there is something delightful about witnessing a thoughtful, well-spoken gay man point out conservative Christians' hypocrisy using their own scripture to do it. Enter....Pete Buttigieg!

MikeInBatonRouge 8 Apr 13
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You know, there are a couple of books by Darrel Ray, "The God Virus" and "Sex and God: How Religion Distorts Sexuality." Both these books point out that religion's bizarre obsession with sex is not a random fluke. In fact, religions like Christianity and Islam and even Judaism depend on use of guilt and shame feelings to motivate people into submitting themselves to the control of religion. Sexuality, because of the extremely personal and private nature of it, coupled with the fact of diversity of personal sexual preferences or "kinks" that every sexual person has, all makes sexuality a prime target for religion peddlers who want a hook to use for fostering guilt and shame with which to control people.

Fuckin' Pharisees! I swear!


I knew young gay Christians in my church in Alabama that committed suicide because they couldn't accept their "sinful" sexual urges. They consider it demonic oppression if not possession, and call it a disease. The disease is intolerance, how can we reach people that have been raised from infancy to hate themselves for being themselves. I don't understand beautiful people allowing themselves to put up with it, they need like me to find a better social class to associate with.
Damn it, I'm crying, now I have to go fix my face.

Novelty Level 8 Apr 13, 2019

Indoctrination that starts young, is relentless, and fueled by fear of unworthiness and punishment is a very difficult nut to,crack. Hard to reject a belief if you actually believe you'll be eternally punished for abandoning it.
The key to escape is first seeing room for different interpretations, then that some of the Bible thumpers who claim to speak for god don't. That is essential foundational stuff for even being able to challenge the veracity of the paradigm.


Here's what that jesus guy said about gays:



That's it. Nothing more and nothing less.


Mayor Pete on Ellen, speaking again to Mike Pence's anti-lgbt policies.
I see someone positioning himself to raise his profile for a possible running mate choice if some other candidate wins the Dem nomination. It is the running mate's job to directly challenge the Veep to debate. Hmm... [lgbtqnation.com]


This would be fine if Buttigieg could not be accused of Christian hypocrisy too. His lifestyle is anathema to the Christian lifestyle.

brentan Level 8 Apr 13, 2019

Ah, but here's the thing. Homosexuality is only seemingly a significant affront to "the Christian lifestyle" because Christians have obsessed about it and made a giant stink. The exceedingly few references to it in the Bible are actually open to different intrpretations and were even questionably translated by sex-phobic/sex-obsessed early church leaders, such as (St.)Emporer Agustus. The truth is that EVERYONE's lifestyle is anathema to the Christian lifestyle, because Christian teachings and rules repeatedly contradict one another and demand impossible standards from us all.

I didn't really want to get into the details of interpretation. I think it's fair to say that despite difficulties translating some of the words Paul used, the common thrust of legitimate sex in scriptures is within heterosexual marriage. You're right that Christians obsess about homosexuality. Maybe it's done in the hope that their God will accept the scapegoating of homosexuals and turn a blind eye to all the things they do that are described in scriptures as sins worthy of everlasting death.

I would stipulate conservative Christians. While I think religion is the problem (overall), and liberal dogma still supports the problem, liberal philosophies are at least inclusive.

@rainmanjr I expect genuine Christians to be conservative about morals and I expect liberals to be inclusive. I have a problem with liberal Christians because I think they want their bread buttered on both sides.

@brentan That makes them more bi-Christians. LOL.


Yes. I saw that on the news.. Hilarious!

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