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This movie looks great.

ArgosFriend 7 May 12
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I doubt I am going to go see it, not because of the religious aspect, but because I'm alittle bit tired of the 'secretly LGBTIQQ' movies, not to mention the cheating thing.

Lynxiebrat Level 3 May 14, 2018

I can see your point of view.


Are there any sword fights in it? Is there a wizard or two in it? ow about dragons? Any of them?

If the answer to any or all of these questions is 'NO!', then how could it be a good movie?

LOL. You forgot superheroes. Gotta have them. Don't get me wrong, I have Xena and STNG on DVD, plus many sci-fi/fantasy movies. But you're right, in today's climate, it takes a special kind of audience to appreciate a good story told well.

@ArgosFriend Don't forget personal preferences.


I'm going to see it next week with a girl I met recently. Looking forward to it.

Sairavana Level 6 May 12, 2018

Cool. Hope you enjoy it and will come back with your review.


Wow that does look good


Yes, it looks good. Lots of emotion and drama. Familiar struggles that relate to many.

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