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Religion and LGBTQ children. Do you have any or are you one? I've worked with kids thrown out of the house by religious parents. How do you treat your LGBT kids in the absence of religion?

KateZilla 7 May 18
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I'm bi. My mom knows and I know she judges me. We're not close but I don't think her judgment is for religious resons. My son is 11 and hasn't shown much interest in anything. One girl in elementary school and we've found pics of female cartoon characters ass or under their skirts lol. I've talked to him about attraction, masturbation and safe sex. We would be fine if he isn't heterosexual.

soulless Level 7 July 9, 2018

I'm gay and my sister is transgendered. I'm out of the closet now!


My husband and I are both queer. I'm out completely now, would have been harder to do so if I had realized when I was still at home. However my parents believe it to be a failure to disown a child, even if you don't agree with their choices.

My father-in-law isn't aware of my husband's orientation, he would probably have sent him to conversation camp. His mom knows and accepts him, but she's an athiest not a southern baptist.

In the future my husband and I plan on never assuming our kid's Orientation or putting them into certain roles. They will know that while we have a heterosexual relationship we are not straight and there's nothing wrong with that.

SensualAva Level 6 May 18, 2018

I was one. I but it all my life. I still hide it now. I'll probably never see the real me in a mirror, and only a very select few have ever seen a glimpse of her. Not fun at all, but now I'm too old, in my opinion, to do anything about it.

Kafirah Level 8 May 18, 2018

The only argument that never seems to give up is religion. Whenever people are against lgbtq rights they usually quote some bologna from the bible because homophobia actually doesn't make any sense. Religion kept me in the closet and it's minions took over after I left religion.
As a result, I have taught my daughter about tolerance and acceptance from the moment she could comprehend words.
It's not just religion. It's ignorance. Lgbtq kids need the tools to survive how nasty the outside world can be. They need the resources for their mental health and if they're closeted, they need the tools to survive in there.
These kids need support and visibility. They need people to speak up and stop with the bystander bullshit.

Peeves Level 6 May 18, 2018

@KateZilla I'm so sorry to hear that. I know a few parents with children that have rejected them as well and I cannot imagine how difficult that is. I hope you find the support you need


Fairly, and with no pressure to marry and breed for their God. Though I suppose there's still the issue of those who put their selfish desire to become grandparents above their kids' own happiness, as my mother tended to do a lot until we provided her with a grandson.

We haven't got as far as establishing my son's sexual orientation yet. He still seems more interested in his Xbox than in boys or girls. I like to think I've raised him with no pressure to be anything other than what he naturally is. But with his grandfather (on my ex's side) and his rampant bigotry, and my ex, while not strictly phobic, very much of the opinion that cishetero = 'normal', everything else = 'not normal' (just not 'bad' ) he's bound to be getting mixed signals.

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