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LINK This Artist Smashes Stereotypes by Giving Male Superheroes a Sexy, Pinup-Style Makeover


By altschmerz9
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Brokeback Captain America 😆😆😆😆😆

RobertMartin Level 8 Dec 14, 2019

Funny good one

bobwjr Level 9 Dec 14, 2019

I've got an artist for you!!!
She's my sister's stepdaughter and she is fabulous!!!


KKGator Level 9 Dec 14, 2019

Sweeeeet! (I might buy the devil pin.)

@altschmerz She's a very talented young woman. I'm always reluctant to
"plug" anyone's websites and merchandise on here, but I'm making an exception
for her.
She's also super nice, as well as being really talented.


These are great!

EyesThatSmile Level 8 Dec 14, 2019

Very interesting and I bet the gay males love it too!

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