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Dogs. Woof woof.

scurry 8 Sep 23
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Both are adorable!
And the pissed on the cornflakes comment just made me laugh so hard. 🤣🤣

Zoohome Level 8 Sep 24, 2020

Again a pointless crass remark - I don't eat cornflakes.

@FrayedBear that is not the point. It is just a funny expression

@Zoohome no it was a question directed at me implying that something about my observation is not liked because of the indoctrination or control freak nature of the person making the remark not wanting to allow me my opinion.

@FrayedBear nope, what I wrote was not directed tk to you, that is why I did not write under your comment. I wrote direct to Scurry, because the expression is funny in my opinion. English as second language, I love learning new expressions.


Lmao #2

glennlab Level 9 Sep 23, 2020

It must be American dogs & owners - no manners & no taste.

FrayedBear Level 9 Sep 23, 2020

Well aren't we judgemental...???
Who pissed in your cornflakes?

@scurry you must be American and proving my point?

@scurry My mistake - a Canadian wannabe American. 😁😂

@FrayedBear As a matter of fact, I'm not. And if you've been paying attention, you would know that I'm Canadian.
Besides, you sure as hell aren't the model of manners or taste.

@scurry The comment would not have arisen if the dog's tag had said "please or kindly ring". As for food preference . . .

@FrayedBear different people like different things, get over it. Stop judging people so harshly for not liking exactly the things you like. Not everything is about you.

@scurry Have you not realised yet that even the combined populations of America and Canada is less than 5% of the total world population and yet in your arrogant self conceived superiority believe that your way is the only way?

@FrayedBear HA. If you think I wanna be an American you're as dumb as you sound. Give it up and get a clue.

@FrayedBear I don't think you have any mirrors, do you.

@scurry Why protect an American from reasoned argument then?

The first one isn't so funny outside the USA where women aren't normally called bitches.

@Moravian ya, not fond of women being called bitches, but female dogs are literally called birches.
That's what made it funny for me.
It may not be funny to everyone, but such is the truth for most jokes.


Too cute! Lol

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