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I don't eat the crusts.

scurry 8 Sep 28
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I had one aunt who always made watermelon pickles ( from the rinds) and they were great. My cousins tended to breeze through the extraneous red part so she would be able to make more.

wolf041 Level 7 Oct 4, 2020

I've never heard of pickled watermelon. I would give 'em a try for sure.


They carve artistically "Anyone for porn?".
If like banana skin they are very nutricious & should be eaten.

FrayedBear Level 9 Sep 28, 2020

You first.


I thought you were talking about pizza bones....

😃 That's what I call them too!!! Ha ha!

I always save pizza bones for the dogs. If I don't , I'll never hear the end of it. 🐺


Bananas too!! ☺😂😂


Well they also found the the watermelon has the same effect as Viagra, but only if used as a suppository.

glennlab Level 9 Sep 28, 2020

I mean if you get a hard on when watermelon rind is stuck up your ass....I got nothing...😂

@Freespirit64 I think he means the whole watermelon 😂😂

@Cutiebeauty correct

We're gonna need more KY?

@Stilltrying1964 tubs and tubs

@glennlab and a really oversized speculum!

@Stilltrying1964, @glennlab, @Cutiebeauty, @Freespirit64
How/when did this meme turn so... Uncomfortable., LOL

@scurry when you got us thinking about pizza!! And we didn't get any 😂😂

@Cutiebeauty I have a craving for pizza now, it's true!

@Freespirit64, @Cutiebeauty Oops. Sorry. 😉🙂🙃

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