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I mean if this is possible....

Freespirit64 8 Nov 27
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Oh that’s was funny! I visited my little brother, the religious conspiracy believing Republican, several months ago. I stumbled across his youtube channel (on his smart tv). I searched climate change, Just Have A Think, The Lincoln Project, Republicans Against trump, and several others sites in hope that the algorithms would take him outside of his conspiracy driven algorithm bubble. Just a few weeks ago he told me climate change is a problem. Hummmm, wonder what changed his mind!!

Brilliant, all of us need to do this for our Republican family members.

it beats talking to them!!!


I hear it works if professionally done.
My idea of bleaching assholes is to put bleach in a super soaker and blasting the next asshole you meet.
I haven't done it.
But I can dream.

Sounds good to me!


. . .

scurry Level 8 Nov 27, 2020




glennlab Level 9 Nov 27, 2020

It probably does work, the speaking into the phone, not necessarily the bleaching kit

BudFrank Level 8 Nov 27, 2020

Ugh? Please state your authority on that! I talked with a friend and said "I'm sending the camels round. They're full of potassium nitrate , charcoal & sulphur.
I was raided that night by the anti-terrorist squad demanding to know where the camel with the cases of explosives was headed.
My friend is still suing for the return of his smokes.

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