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You can keep your experimental genomic therapy.

BDair 7 Apr 21
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yeah okay, so let us assume everything you are saying is true, this begs two questions

First HOW did someone ever get every country in the world (Some of whom are at war with one another) to be complicit in a conspiracy to shut down the world , wreck the economy of every country in the world and kill literally millions of people or fake the deaths of millions of people in every nation on earth?

Second given that they could get every government (and most of the medical professionals) of every nation to be complicit in this world wide fraud ...WHY? what would be the point? What would be the reason? What is the expected outcome?

I don't know the answer to those question or see how they relate to this thread.

But if you want answers to such questions, you could query some of these people. []

@BDair Well that explains a lot

I guess you could consider this peripherally related to your questions. []

BDair Level 7 Apr 22, 2021

While you technically don't need them, you'd have to be a fool to not get them. Vaccines teach your immune system how to handle viruses without actually getting infected. That way you don't get as sick or sick for as long as someone who isn't vaccinated. It also helps protects people whose immune systems aren't strong enough to fight viruses by making them less transmissible.

Refusing vaccines or spreading misinformation only shows how little an individual cares about other people. It's like wishing death upon others without actually coming out and saying it. That's a horrific and disgusting way to act.

Kynlei Level 8 Apr 22, 2021

Well said...this fool however has No concept of living in a society.....

My immune system has been 100% effective for the year and a half that the virus has been circulating in the population. These are facts that are in the public record - None of the Covid 'vaccines' have been 'approved' by the FDA. None of them have concluded their trials. The 'vaccines' have Not been proven to prevent infection or spread of the virus. This is stated in their own info. It is unknown what the long term side effects will be. It is unknown how long the protection if any is confered, will last or how soon you will need a booster shot. There has never been a successful mRNA vaccine used on humans for a corona virus. There have been more than 60,000 thousand adverse reaction events, including more than 2000 deaths, reported to VAERS after the jabs. In the Pfizer trials, less than 1% of the people in the placebo arm of the trial tested positive for the virus, so at best the vaccine can confer a 1% improvement over no vaccine. There is no reason to be vaccinated for a virus that has proven prevention and treatment protocols.


The USA is still recording four times as many positive cases population wise than the UK although the level of vaccination is only a few % behind. Does the USA maybe have more selfish ignorant people ? Or are UK citizens just better at following instructions ?>

Moravian Level 8 Apr 22, 2021

Yes to both of your questions.


I think you're better off going to than here. OMCHEZZUS!


What's absolutely amazing is the lies, mis-information & half-truths this guy is spreading. Yes, folks, do your research, but do all the research - don't limit yourself to whack sites or cherry-pick the info like theists do!

phxbillcee Level 9 Apr 21, 2021

Warning! Most of the replies below will stupify you with their stupidity!

AnneWimsey Level 9 Apr 21, 2021

Stay home and cuddle your Covid 19 plushy toy, and absorb your Gatesian propaganda while you await vaccination.

@BDair had both shots weeks ago, you dumbass, and still wearing my mask out of respect for others, something your parents clearly never taught you......

Why do you have to wear a mask if you have had both shots? Shouldn't an 'effective' vaccine prevent infection and spread of the targeted virus? It seems illogical.

@BDair like i said, respect for others...but you are Clearly unable to process that idea.
And what is the big deal about wearing a mask anyway? Oh, yeah, drump............

Masks do virtually nothing to control the spread of a respiratory virus. The science is clear on that. I comply and wear one so I can shop for groceries, but at no other time. All the data shows that counties with mask mandates fare no better than counties that have been open with no restrictions. You are free to believe whatever you want, but wearing a mask is not saving any one.


@BDair so we are free to assume if you are having surgery that you have signed papers preventing the OR staff from wearing masks while they do the surgery? Because otherwise, you are not only a total hypocrite, but a nasty lie-spreader!

Masks worn in surgery have nothing to do with a respiratory virus. They are to prevent spittal from the doctor from contaminating the wound, or blood splatter from infecting the doctor.


Obviously, some should never have kids in the first place...

phxbillcee Level 9 Apr 21, 2021


Children are almost completely unaffected by Covid.

@BDair not so much today they said 25% of cases were kids the new straines are worse

@whiskywoman 'They' said many things that were complete fabrications and that are not supported by the actual data or the medical literature. All of the statistics point to the virus having very little impact on young people.

@BDair gets revised all the time

The new 'strains' are at the most, .3% divergent from the first. Not enough to upend all of our knowledge of virology. The fact that so many children today are diabetic could be a factor, but the average healthy person will not even be aware they have been exposed to the virus.



Less than 1% of the population will have anything to worry about from CV19. Anyone without Vitamin D deficiency, diabetes, obesity, or advanced age will be fine.

@BDair & yet you cry about potential long-term risks from the vaccines, but pooh-pooh potential long-term risks for the virus itself? I'm seriously wondering what your agenda is here??!!?? Just blithely state that most will "be fine". Thanks, doc, you're so comforting...& so full of it!

All effects of the virus are preventable with proper levels of Vitamin D, and Ivermectin in prophylaxis or early onset. Ivermectin has proven effective at all stages.

@BDair coughs Bullshit coughs as of today the REPORTED numbers which we already know for a FACT are over 30% unreported in many Red States like Texas and Florida for purely POLITICAL and economic reasons nationwide at slightly under 9.8% infected and many of them still at risk of death due to either reinfection, internal organ damage, Strokes, Heart failure, brain damage (no worry for you though eh?), Kidney failure etc...
Also as of today the severely under reported numbers of death expressed and a percentage of the entire population is .176% (the reality is closer to .4% that we KNOW OF).
At this time close to 30% of the entire population is refusing to be vaccinated and many of those will die after their first infection and an even higher percentage the second with possibly less than a 50% survival rate for the third. With this type of virus and the numbers of people willingly breeding new mutations which will put the rest of the population at risk herd immunity is a meth head's pipe dream. "Natural immunity" is idiotic there is no such thing or this virus wouldn't be killing off so many people. It doesn't give a shit about the color of your skin or how rich you are (other than begin able to access heath care) it will kill you just as dead if you don't access that care.
Besides they are already discussing the FACT that from what they are learning the vaccine may be tailored to cure certain cancers and other deadly diseases...

The Covid vaccines do not prevent infection or spread of the virus. []

@BDair Keep thinking religiously Bubba and just remember that all Dinosaurs become extinct...

I hope you wear full protection when you venture out in public. You would not want encounter a virus that only has a 99.97% recovery rate.

@BDair At this timer?... Closer to 96% for the first infection... With the second a CONSERVATIVE death rate would be around 20% and third speaking CONSERVATIVELY again without any hard data on what new strains or their capabilities along with how much damage the previous infections have done you might be luck to see a 40% survival rate because dumbasses just want to be incubators....


Get vaccinated, for now stay masked & be sure to distance...especially from those that don't care about their fellow citizens!

phxbillcee Level 9 Apr 21, 2021

Vaccines are taking credit for reducing covid like in UK. Even though April of 2020 covid lower even moreso. Due to people more outside and weather.

Being able to get out in fresh air & sunshine does, indeed, help. But there are still areas where the disease is spiking, regardless of that. I choose not to be selfish & try to help stop the spread. I'm vaccinated & glad & I again urge everyone to do so!

I for one won't vaccine for the 11 metals within it. China gives plenty of warning of all the of health conditions by taking vaccine. Your 150 times time greater chance per capita catching covid from an American than a Chinese person. China has won the covid war and will be the super power of the 21st century by default. The covid is really is about monetary financial system corruption and collapsing that use bully covid as an distraction for the next scam. More ugly freak shows to come. Best to take of your own health and your community, forget the politicians.

@Castlepaloma "11 metals"????????? Yeah. Okay.......

With all Gates and Fauci double talk and lying I have no ideal what they are really saying.


Rational thoughts. []

BDair Level 7 Apr 21, 2021

Per capita Mexican have been vaccinated about 1/4 of the US and recovering much faster. Hardly ever see masks.


. Not against anything. Yet I'm not for covid vaccines and all the bullies who stopped the economy and travel. Its about a collapsed system not about a virus.. One could make a better cause out of 10 other greater ways to die than covid. I got a 99.98 chance if I catch covid. Lot better than being held up over heart surgery

ha or suicide? i guess teen suicides are through the roof right now, according to a friend who works the hotline


Yes my friend, many dangerous things have gone through the roof. Its what they want before the next scam of escape, it won't go on for ever.


I'm glad I've been vaccinated & I urge all to do so.

phxbillcee Level 9 Apr 21, 2021


The Covid 'vaccines' are not proven to confer any immunity from a virus. They were not trialed for that conclusion. It is unknown how long they will work or what the long term side effects will be.

It does not make any sense to vaccinate people for a virus that only affects a miniscule segment of the population, and that there are many inexpensive and readily available prevention and treatment protocols that have been proven effective in research and observational trials around the planet. []

@BDair Hospital icu's overflowing, over 500,000 dead, & that's just here in the US. Please, if you're afraid of needles, need a conspiracy theory to make you feel superior, or just can't let go of tRump, fine. Just please keep your distance from me & mine. I'm not a fan of selfish folk that put their egos ahead of public safety.

Hospitals are not overwhelmed. 500K people did not perish from Covid 19 in the US. The CDC vastly overstated the 'case' and infection rate. This has nothing to do with Mr. Trump. I do not have theories. I analyze the readily available data, and it does not support the narrative you have been brainwashed to believe.

Covid 19 is not as deadly and infectious as the fear mongers said.

Hospital ships on both coasts went unused. Field hospitals all over the country went unused. The panic was unnecessary. []

@BDair []

@BDair []

@BDair []


Safe and effective. []

BDair Level 7 Apr 21, 2021

"Their safety and efficacy trials have not concluded."

@bbyrd009 []

Read the facts not some conspiracy bullshit and get vaccinated.

@Moravian um, that is from the WHO? link below
anyway i'll pass, already been exposed and asymptomatic, but i get someone in a diff position taking a diff path too. As to the "facts," with all due respect i don't think they are working in your favor here, but i don't think there's anything wrong with diff approaches to an unknown, either?


The Covid vaccines have not been 'approved' however. Their safety and efficacy trials have not concluded.

BDair Level 7 Apr 21, 2021

i guess thats what all the guinea pigs are for, right now?

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