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'No one can protect you and yours except yourself.'
In this day and age, many pro-gun Americans are still supporting the 'Wild West' mentality of the 19th century. Bizarre...

Ryo1 8 May 23
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Those that are doing the killing are legal gun owners. Gun owners ARE the guilty and lawless!!

racocn8 Level 9 May 23, 2023

That is a point these people are far too dense to ever be able to understand.


Seeking gun control, responsible investigation of potential owners, licensing of weapons and rules governing appropriate ownership, is not seeking to Ban Guns, except in the minds of those who open carry laws on everything from a bazooka to an ICBM


That begs the question: do you think nothing should be banned for the good of society?

A lot of things are already banned including some guns. The AR15 rifle is a commonly used gun as it is used for hunting and self defense so it should not be banned.

@Trajan61 That's not what I asked. I'm asking if OP (and now you) thinks it's appropriate to ban anything for the good of a society.

@Trajan61, @ChestRockfield
The 'all or nothing' argument cannot apply here.
The focus should be on how to create a society where people do not need to feel 'I must carry a gun so that I can protect myself and my loved ones by myself.' instead of on no guns or all guns.

@Ryo1 I didn't say anything about all guns or no guns. People keep strawmanning me before I even make an argument. It's just a simple question. Should anything be banned for the good of society, or should everything be fair game so that currently-law-abiding-citizens can have access to anything they want?

My original post was about banning guns. And then you asked if 'nothing' should be banned for the good of society.

The problem you have in he US is the Second Amendment, I believe.
'A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.'
It would've been a valid law in the 19th century, hence the 'Wild West' mentality, but it is still regarded as valid in the modern US in the 21st century. The Second Amenfment is an amendment itself. Why can't the US government 'amend' and update the Second Amendment, I wonder.

The US has banned certain weapons/accessories for civilian ownership, so it's possible that certain other weapons could be banned.
I'm asking if you agree with the tone of your meme that no weapons should be banned because that removes them from the hands of law-abiding citizens.

@ChestRockfield Not sure you understand the OP well...

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