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By ClaytonE83
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Yah that last pic is on the creeper side. I don't know how it is for you guys but I'm glad my junk is inside...I know tits can be a distraction and be used as such lol

Affinityshadow Level 5 July 4, 2018

The main memory I have related to this is this one short (like less than 5ft) overweight old guy who walked around naked in the locker room/bathroom with a foot-long Subway grinder protruding from his crotch. Couldn't not notice lol

@ClaytonE83 yah I never hung out in the girls and I'm sorry for you on an emotional level?

@Affinityshadow well I just hoped no one with a micro penis was victimized by it. Poor fellas didn't deserve that...

@ClaytonE83 poor guys lol


3 out of 4 are painfully awkward but he nailed that last photo!

zephr Level 6 July 3, 2018

That guy has all kinds of funny looks in stockphotos. His face is internet famous. You will see him again


@ClaytonE83 I look forward to seeing more of him smile001.gif


Damn. I didn't think he'd noticed

OpposingOpposum Level 8 July 3, 2018

What the hey are you doing in the men's locker room???!!!

@phxbillcee wouldn't you like to know?😘

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