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Verdad (True)

ClaytonE83 7 July 10
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As long as THEY believed it, I could easily get used to being the light of someone’s life. In fact, I think I’ll put that on my list, right before “Worships the ground I walk on.”

Looks like you would be in for a surprise as well lol


Thanks for the tip. ?


Where did you learn Spanish? This is the kind of shit we tell people that don't speak to say and then laugh our asses off. "I want to eat to eat ass" I guess is the light of someones life

zorialoki Level 8 July 10, 2018

I know probably under 3,000 words in Spanish. I was never immersed with Spanish speakers so unless I practice I forget conjugations and feel embarrassed to say much of anything in Spanish to someone who does speak it, because then they assume I'm fluent and I have difficulty processing the words quickly and they might say words I don't know. I just took 3 college Spanish classes and used the free Duolingo app more recently when I was substitute teaching in a district with almost 90% Latino kids and teaching art at a migrant after school program.

@Jonado I didn't drop the classes I passed them with As and Bs until Spanish 5 at UCR and I dropped that class right away, Spanish 4 there didn't prepare me for it enough, no English was allowed; we weren't even allowed to ask questions in English.
True, I know I don't have to explain, I typically avoid a direct explanation of a joke. But if someone is clearly jumping to the wrong conclusion or thinks it's bigoted it's hard for me not to address it at all.

@ClaytonE83 You may have misunderstood me if you believe my reply was bigoted.

@zorialoki no, you misunderstood what I just said lol


No, just no.

Your response makes sense considering you are vegan.

@ClaytonE83 my "no" means that she has the incorrect translation and no one should repeat a foreign phrase without checking it out. This is the reason that people have "General Tso's Chicken" tattoo'd on them in Chinese characters.


Why would someone immediately equate Spanish to Mexicans? Like Spanish is only spoken in Mexico and not in a country like lets say Spain? I am offended by this and will immediately fly to all Spanish speaking countries to apologise for this disgusting behaviour

It looks like you are half serious and half joking. I don't think anyone here did that though and the meme didn't do that..although it does happen quite a bit in the U.S.A. since we border Mexico and lots of people don't think in depth before they speak and some are just ethnocentric or racist...

The meme said nothing about Mexicans, only Spanish. There are 39 countries in the America's of those only three are not Spanish language based. You have a lot of flying to do

You sir are not very bright. I was the only person who mentioned Mexicans and I did it specifically referencing my neighbor, who is Mexican and was quite tickled when I showed him this meme.

What a guy!

@zorialoki Well that might be the case in some alternative Americas in your world but for the rest of us on planet earth that is simply incorrect. As Spanish is listed as the official language of only 21 countries worldwide your assertion of 36 Spanish speaking countries in only the Americas is basically nonsense. Especially when we consider the fact that the Americas only contains 35 sovereign states. Apart from Spanish, official languages of these 35 states include, English, French, Dutch and Portuguese. I'll be sure to not consult you if ever I have the need to do any global travel.

@CaledonianWolf And I have made a note to consult YOU on my every global travel need.


Never get a tattoo in a language you don’t understand.

Like Chinese!! So many people have script on them that says something other than what they think.

@Captnron59 I loved the movie Captain Ron as a kid, I think im about where I could watch it again, been a few years. lol

Doesn't the teenage girl it it get a tattoo or did the boy get a fake one? I can't remember...

@ClaytonE83 I think the girl did something of the nature. Good flick.


Your girlfriend taught you that, didn't she?


What is this? It's not insulting or snarky at all? I'm offended! Oh right, this is memes. I see you're pmaying the meta game.


Just make a loved one's day and let them know they are the light of your life en Español ❤️

@AtheistInNC I mean its basically the same thing though....

@ClaytonE83 aww. I just told my mexican neighbor. He's so sweet says he's bringing over a bottle of wine later. Thanks Man, ypu really know how to bring people together.

@Blindbird I'm coming to visit. 😉

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