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Guess we are having this out on the board itself.

There is questionable and there is "Why would you post this?".

"No - really - do you hate all women?". I'm tired of that crap.
There are men who are tired of that crap too.

There are Members who were here who aren't now because they got sick of the perpetual hate.

I'm not fond of memes that foster hate. I'm fond of memes that make you laugh or make you think. If it fosters a discussion thread it's a good meme.
If it makes people laugh it's a good meme.

We have a few folks who really bang the misogyny drum pretty freakin' hard all of the time. It makes it hard to weed through. (Read it and move on - hard when you see it another 10 times).

In the beginning there was the occasional "Dank! That was dank!".

Now some of it is just - "Meh".
Or "hey bring that to the playground - the 8 year olds want their humor back.".

We don't need as many memes a day from members. We could select the best instead of throwing the worst out there.

I rarely post anymore unless it's new. I'm cursed to remember almost every meme ever posted. Guess that's my brain and my issue. (Eidetic memory - at least some of the time.).

But I'll be damned if I'm chased off a board I helped along with my time and energy by people with no clue.

I say this as a member with a Meme Folder on my Desktop and a Shit posting Memes Folder also on my Desktop.

RavenCT 9 Aug 1
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I apologise if I didn't read through all the comments, but I read enough to get the gist of the conversation. This goes back to a poll that I put up after I joined, basically asking who we are, and how we self-identity. I may have only joined this site in June, but have been active in the atheist community for much longer.

In the poll, I asked if we should set higher standards for ourselves as a community, or should we settle on the lowest common denominator of "no evidence for the existence of a god"? Meaning, that people that some of us might despise can agree on the latter, so, what do we have in common?

The meme page can be annoying, I have made it clear that I won't put up with misogyny, bigotry, racism, etc., because that is not who I am; at one point I was sort of shamed for not giving an obligatory acknowledgement to posts if I happened upon them "they can see that you saw the post, the least you can do is acknowledge it" - no! Sorry, but that isn't my preferred modus operandi...

As to the meme page itself, I have been thinking about leaving it too; I rarely contribute, and it has so much traffic that if I step away for a few days, then I have a couple hundred notifications. A week or two ago, I had 665 notifications (I shit you not, had I waited for one more...) I don't have time to go through all of that. Sure, some peeps share great stuff, but now I am very selective on what I click on.

Anywhoo, there are great people on this site, I just don't want to be called out as rude when I don't respond to things that I'd rather not respond to.

We definitely separate along the lines of "Well we're adults just don't read it" - and "Gee maybe we could cut back on the really questionable stuff?".

I do believe atheists still have morals.


I'm officially gone...later friends!

FYI I've asked him to return. πŸ˜‰

We disagree wholeheartedly on this topic but I think there is a reasonable place to meet somewhere in the middle. And this is the type of poofing I was trying to prevent.

For some reason people talk to me. I hear about the drama and people leaving - and I just tried to do something about it. I'm just a member - the above is just an opinion.

We'll see if it works.

Hell people be grown ups! We play here - but we don't have to be offensive every single time?

@RavenCT Sorry, dear, the fun is gone! I wish folk would be grown-ups & grow a pair,(oh, gee! I'm sexist!) obviously not gonna happen. I will finish out responding to some of this to finish up, but that is what it is, a finish! Enough is enough!


It's a meme. Dark, hateful, playful.... we all have ones we like and ones we dont. Whether or not it's considered tasteful or not tasteful, is a matter of opinion. If you see a meme and you find it distasteful just close the window and move along. What good does it do me as a person, to get angry or worked up over something that took me three seconds to read, and 2 seconds to forget about? Just doesn't make sense to me.

"Out of the mouths of babes!" - - -sorry, bro, just an expression since your a newbie, please forgive! But this is so right! If one feels strongly, comment. If one just isn't into it, move on! Unless it is outright racism, sexism or hateful just grow up & deal with it!
Screw this! I get no response from the boss & BS & obfuscation from 'friends'! Except for coming back for the occasional theft, I'm outta here! I'll leave this for the Normies!

@phxbillcee I warned you this would happen if we let normies in the group!!!!!

@EricTrommater I got more negative feedback from OG's, & 2 good friends, than I did from noobs! I love ya', boss, but you've basically deserted the group & that is, honestly, why we're here! I won't bother you no more. I'm gone!


I also have a meme folder, I also have been here from very early on & think I've been a good contributor & commentor. So, tho I agree that not only are many memes mediocre, or re-posted multiple times a week, if not day, who decides what memes are "the best"? & I am surely not chasing you from this group, even if I disagree with you at times. I have always respected you & listened to your differences, even tho I may fight against some of them. I abhor censorship, that is my line I will not retreat from. Some of what has been considered "misogynistic" I find maybe somewhat sexist, & maybe should be up for debate, but censorship because of ruffled feelings I feel is going way too far! I love you very much, & would hate to see you leave, tho I actually am considering it myself, but for opposing reasons!

P.S. I very, very seldom post 'nasty' content unless it is to ruffle feathers for a specific point, or it's just too damn good to pass up. But, I don't believe I'm known for that type of thing. That being said, my taste & posting habits are not the issue, the openness & honesty of this group is.

Well don't worry Bill only Sitesupport mods. this board. I bet she's sick of it too.

Is there anything wrong with people filtering themselves? I swear it's how we usually get along?

@RavenCT My point exactly! Comment if you think it warranted or move on if your feelers are hurt, just don't insist on adherence to one's personal tastes/outlook or demand deletion & censorship!

@RavenCT & sitesupport I firmly believe is a bunch of retired nuns with too much time on their hands!

@phxbillcee she's actually a person who has to deal with our crap all of the time. I bet her hair is turning white - you'd swear we are actual children some days!

@RavenCT Never said retired nuns aren't actual people!


If i may be allowed to weigh in on this.@RavenCT, you are a very valuable member of this community and as well being OG, I consider you a friend. You have a very good point about the generally nasty and misogynistic tone of some the posts here and I deeply regret that it has caused you or anyone else even a moment
That being said:
I hate rules. They piss me off and the mere idea of moderating posts for content gives me the creeps. No porn on a public website just seems to me to be common sense. I have no interest in telling people what they can and cannot post here within the community guidelines.
I find 90% of the memes I see anywhere to be crap anyway and no one would want me to be the arbiter of either taste or content.....just take my word for it, it would not be fun. I have no interest in debating what qualifies as a meme and was doesn't or any other debate.

Please see my above!

Just asking people to moderate themselves! I always thought adults could do that.

I clicked Leave last night and it pisses me off that some tasteless memes made me think about leaving.

We are losing good core members because of it. I've had too many members tell me why they left.

I'm tired of it but I think it's worth fighting for.

And remember we do have rules about hate.

If no one will tell them it's too much!? It won't improve.

And I know you are allergic to mods. But we certainly can guide new members.
Frankly mods. won't help they can't pull a post.

@RavenCT Hell, I'll leave! I can't stand censorship or forcing one's own views on others as if they were theists! Moderating oneself means passing on if your feelings are hurt, or commenting if you feel strongly enough! Not censorship!

@phxbillcee No not here it doesn't there were site rules we all agreed to.

@RavenCT Doesn't matter...I'm gone! Have fun y'all! Tho I really doubt it!


If I've offended anyone then I'm sorry. Being in those Army, Navy, and biker sites on Facebook do get outrageous and i tend to share what i know is not appropriate here. I should be more considerate of this site than I have been and will be from now on. I prefer this than a slap in the face though a slap does get quicker results. I will try to be more tasteful with what I share. I think if something is distasteful then you should say so to make awareness to the person that shared. So people are trolls and do it intentionally to get that reaction from you.

Partyhawk Level 7 Aug 1, 2018

If I've offended anyone then I'm sorry. Being in those Army, Navy, and biker sites on Facebook do get outrageous and i tend to share what is know should be not appropriate here. I should be more considerate of this site than I have been and will be from now on. I prefer this than a slap in the face though a slap does get quicker results. I will try to be more tasteful with what I share. I think if something is distasteful then you should say so to make awareness to the person that shared. So people are trolls and do it intentionally to get that reaction from you.

Partyhawk Level 7 Aug 1, 2018

I honestly don't remember you offending.
But you're right when people refuse to see that what they posted was 'yikes inducing' it would be nice to get through with a comment.

Pretty sure I've posted some regrettable stuff myself.


I’ve thought of leaving this site altogether because there’s some really messed up memes that are misogynistic and alienating.

Sydland Level 7 Aug 1, 2018

I've clicked the leave button.

But it's my group too.

I guess if suggesting better choices doesn't work - I'll be off. But I prefer to stay and fight I guess. (for now)

I spoke to Eric who created the group - and he did add:

"A place to post memes. Bad taste is encouraged, but not mandatory. No porn!".

@RavenCT People are taking the bad taste thing too far.

@Sydland Yes they are.
In the beginning it was to let us know that pretty dark stuff was permitted and it wasn't FB standards.

However a few people have taken it as a challenge. "Oh are you going to report me?" - well yes. If it's awful - yes. Be a child you'll be treated like one.

I saw one that showed an actual murder. It's stuck with me. That level of depravity is not welcome here. Not on this site - not on this board. (and yes it was removed). I'm glad not everyone had to see it.

@RavenCT & you equate the "two lips" meme with one that is straight out racist or promotes murder???? I expect better from you!

@phxbillcee Don’t see it as racist or promoting murder. It’s offensive and misogynistic.


Yeah, there have been some on here I really cringed at.


BRAVO! THANK YOU!!! I saw one earlier today, shook my head and moved on. But I sure didn't want to. I've been trying to foster happiness but some days it is harder than others. A different group for the 12 year olds, maybe?

poetdi56 Level 7 Aug 1, 2018

There is already a group for this: []

& there is also this to foster happiness instead of memes! []

@RavenCT Memes are meant to provoke & poke fun. Sorta the point!

@phxbillcee When it provokes hate? No.

@RavenCT What hate? Only the hate that has come out since that was posted! The post itself may or may not have been debatable, but surely not hateful! Come on, dear, that's hyperbole & very disingenuous!

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