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Great work everyone!! She's now a goddess!

By Captnron59
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And you did it on my birthday, now isn't that special...

dartagnan6666 Level 7 Sep 16, 2018

I still have a bit of a ways go, only level 4 here, either way congrats @KKGator

BlooFeenixShaggy Level 4 Sep 16, 2018

Thank you!!! Dilly, dilly!!!!


@KKGator. Congradulations your highness...I am but your humble servant ... 😜

phoenixone1 Level 7 Sep 15, 2018

LOL Thank you! Dilly, dilly!!!


@KKGator ~ congratulations, your highness!

germangirl90439 Level 8 Sep 15, 2018

Thank you! Dilly, dilly!!!!


@KKGator woohoo! WTG!

MissKathleen Level 8 Sep 15, 2018

Thank you!! Dilly, dilly!!!



RavenCT Level 9 Sep 15, 2018

Start posting!! You can be 9 by tomorrow.

I'll help with that!!!


Cool beans!

Umbral Level 8 Sep 15, 2018

I thought she already was

Rudy1962 Level 8 Sep 15, 2018

Rudy, you silver-tongued devil, you!!!

I'm not going to tell you your'e wrong. smile009.gif

As of today. I think she is the 5th level 9 on the site now.

@Captnron59 Rarified air, man. You know it.

@Captnron59 I just turned 8.9!! OMG... the race is on. rofl Also "Cyan"... ahh...


@RavenCT let's do this!!


smile009.gif Goober!!!

KKGator Level 9 Sep 15, 2018
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