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Changing music history.

Snickers77 8 Oct 2
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Should be Yoko barreling toward them

Umbral Level 8 Oct 2, 2018

That's ok, Paul was already dead at that point! (& now John & George are, too)

You've watched the "documentary" "Last Will and Testiment of George Harrison"?

@TheGreatShadow No, should I expect a windfall?

@phxbillcee You can watch it if you want. Supposidly a tape made by George harrion said that Paul died in a car crash in 1966. They had to cover it up because there would be mass suicides. It's bullshit, never verified, but very creative by whoever made it.

@TheGreatShadow That's what I referenced above. Was as big a conspiracy theory then as FE is now.

@phxbillcee Ford-Edsel?

@TheGreatShadow I assume you jest. Flat Earthers. (btw, a few years ago I saw this cherry red-&-white convertible Edsel, just sitting in this parking lot. I so lusted!)


Sadly they are all texting each other...