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Shut your face hole!!!

MichelleGar1 8 Oct 3
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so its true south park=plagiarism

Correct! But I think that they copied Thomas Jefferson! Lol

@MichelleGar1 way I understand history, he was one of the good ones

@metalhead222 he was!


Ol Jeff be all angry and shit.

Umbral Level 8 Oct 3, 2018

It's sad that people today can't speak with that kind of elegance!

LEPeff Level 8 Oct 3, 2018

It must be true, its online!

Livinlife Level 9 Oct 3, 2018

I know! Lol


The problem with internet quotes are that you never know who if they are genuine - Abraham Lincoln 🙂

taichifan Level 7 Oct 3, 2018

So true! Lol


I don't think I'll bother fact-checking that!

You can not Foo, a foo, foo! Lol

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