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coralisthree 8 Oct 30
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I like the little one that plays records.

Umbral Level 8 Oct 30, 2018

We all have to grow up now, since Toys-r-Us is gone...

MarcT Level 7 Oct 30, 2018


MrLink Level 8 Oct 30, 2018

Gorgosaurus is an excellent choice, FYI.

DoDapper Level 8 Oct 30, 2018

It's never too late to have a happy childhood.
I care enough to want to see a picture of one.


If you don't grow up by 60, you don't have to.

glennlab Level 9 Oct 30, 2018

Is 34 close enough to 60? lol

@TheGreatShadow gotta set the bar high enough that there aren't a ton of us.

@glennlab Dang it! I don't like this paying billl shit. lol

@TheGreatShadow Unfortunately, that doesn't stop at 60!

@glennlab I'm almost there!!


Bwahahahaha .... But growing up doesn't have to be 24/7...?

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