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Traditional Values

By bi_heathen977
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Gee Wally....

Livinlife Level 9 Jan 1, 2019

Yup, that could be Beaver on a casting call poster Hugh Beaumont to Gerry Mathers


Yeah, I'm a child of the 50's. I experienced, or was exposed to, some bad stuff like these examples. Fortunately, I'm healed.

Duchess Level 7 Jan 1, 2019

All this said, it was also a time of tremendous growth, especially for a new, abundant middle class, affordable higher education for anyone who wanted it, jobs aplenty. The food was still unadulterated, as was the water, the land. Science took off and has never stopped... Perhaps we should try to figure out what was RIGHT and reintroduce it to our culture. Remember...we didn’t lock our doors, the car keys stayed in the ignition, the children could play on the street, every mother mothered everyone’s child. Corporate greed is largely responsible for the changes. Political greed too.

MissKathleen Level 9 Jan 1, 2019

Rose colored Eyewear hindsight I am afraid of those years full of racism McCarthyism duck&cover nuke war CD drills Lake Erie caught fire on the surface at the mouth of the Cayahogha River UTAH NV NM Soviet, UK, FRENCH & Chinese bomb testing gave my little sister age 7 thyroid tumors all were radioactive when surgically removed and she is an operatic EVANGELICAL vocalist to this day

@GreenAtheist I do not deny that, but I think we must also appreciate what was good about the era, and perhaps recapture some aspects.

@MissKathleen of course I treasure my sister making her own dresses from ten cent paper cut out patterns

@MissKathleen you're 100% correct banksters inflated the price of everything and shot half JFKs head off so Jackie crawled back on the limo to put it back on his head

Hmmm.... that might be a tad on the rosy side, but a lot of it is true. But...after WWII DDT was used EVERYWHERE, causing many problems that led to the beginning of the environmental movement and many gov't regulations in the '70's. Most of us are too young to remember much of this but prior to retirement I worked to help keep the pesticide industry (very heavily regulated) educated and up to date. Pics 1 & 4 are from DDT ads at the time. Pic 4 is advertising DDT impregnated wallpaper for kids rooms!! Pics 2 & 3 are from a reenactment film showing 'fogging' of cities in the late 40's & 50's and the kids running, and playing in DDT fog! We didn't know how much we didn't know!

The biggest reason that no one needed to lock their doors was because no one had anything worth getting caught stealing.

@MissKathleen Absolutely, thank for making that point!

@MojoDave you’re right about the DDT. And it is worse today.

@GreenAtheist one should not bring gory images into the conversation with a highly sensitive person.

@GreenAtheist I still do that sometimes...although the patterns are a great deal more expensive now.

@MissKathleen I never tell "polite" lies to any public forum. ...I shall remember your personal request for sensitivity in the future

@MissKathleen my war was genocidal miles beyond gory 1971-1973

@MissKathleen Rachel Carson SILENT SPRING is probably the most influential book ever published AND READ. ...bibles are only fetish fondled. ...she was accused by the chemical lobby of wanting locusts and other pestilence to take over the whole planet


regression equals oppression

mistymoon77 Level 9 Jan 1, 2019

Nailed it

Rudy1962 Level 9 Jan 1, 2019

This picture went right on my Twitter feed.

altschmerz Level 8 Jan 1, 2019

Perfect! So damn true, & notice, can use the same colors for each character!

phxbillcee Level 9 Jan 1, 2019

NO..... been there, done that. Never again!

MojoDave Level 9 Jan 1, 2019

I don't....

Cutiebeauty Level 9 Jan 1, 2019

GOP Nirvava

bookofmoron Level 8 Jan 1, 2019

The 1950's were a great time for white males. Black people, Latinos, Asuans, women, not so good. Racism and homophobia were prevalent.

RobertMartin Level 8 Jan 1, 2019

I didn't know most of those groups even existed back then!


Rough look at our countries recent history. Nice touch with the 50's graphics.

Mokvon Level 8 Jan 1, 2019

This is where TrumpOLINI learned to "grab pussy" visiting family picnics WHITES ONLY all over NYC selling his condos for daddy

GreenAtheist Level 8 Jan 1, 2019
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