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Why Didn't He Try This In The First Place?

By Paul4747
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And Wine😀

phoenixone1 Level 7 Jan 24, 2019

Wha?!? Out of cookies?!?

DangerDave Level 8 Jan 24, 2019

Tempting, but...

OldGoat43 Level 8 Jan 24, 2019


MissKathleen Level 8 Jan 24, 2019

I am there if they're grape!

Mokvon Level 8 Jan 24, 2019

Pretty sure they only have blueberry ??

@Paul4747 I can live with that...what about cherry? And screw Strawberry.


@Mokvon The Dark Side is famous for their cherry pop-tarts

Speaking for myself, I can't abide cherry. I go for brown sugar & cinnamon, blueberry or strawberry. Occasionally chocolate with vanilla cream.

@Paul4747 screw it! I see diabetes in my future. So pick a foot.

@Mokvon lol

@Paul4747, @Mokvon Folks, folks,...if we MUST go to faux pastry at least do Toaster Strudels. Better pastry. Better filling. At least close to edible, which can not be said for Pop Tarts! (Never even liked them when I was a kid!)

@phxbillcee too much effort to eat. With the tarts just open and eat.

@Mokvon I just got sick in my mouth a little bit!

@phxbillcee choke it back. Food tastes better the second time around.


Another reason to avoid the Dark Side! (Tho, not when it comes to memes!)

phxbillcee Level 9 Jan 24, 2019

So much unpleasantness could have easily been avoided.

KKGator Level 9 Jan 24, 2019
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