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Pareidolia + Memes = 🙂

surrealhoax 7 Feb 22
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Adding a few more, because I have many.

I'll be having nightmares about that couch ? tonight,thanks.

@Blindbird you reminded me of a fav of mine ...


Pareidolia...my new word of the day!

DangerDave Level 8 Feb 22, 2018

As well it should be!


I do feel like that speaker box is judging me. 😟

I am pretty sure it is just glad Lucy can never take the football away from him.


Those mop heads probably do have enough microorganisms to take down a planet. I've seen where they use those things.

Oh yeah! I only thought about how the mop looked like every metal head I used to be.

@surrealhoax which reincarnation are you on? 😉

@Blindbird My 30s, so ... third.

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