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Rudy1962 9 Feb 3
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If a partner is completely untouched-up between the legs, I have no problem helping a partner trim. It can be fun couple's activity. I have no insistence on shaved, but I am adamant about a degree of tidy.

DoDapper Level 8 Feb 3, 2019



Smile, I think you've got some stuck in your teeth.


Naked isn't necessary, but neither is a jungle! A little landscaping is a good thing!

Yes, a little manscaping is much appreciated.

@Wildflower Yep, what's good for the goose...


Variety is the spice of life. Grow ‘em bushy and thick in the winter, bald in the summer, neatly trimmed in spring and autumn. Simple common sense, really. ?


i'd at least trim

Trimming up is a fun couple's activity. I also have partners pass certain physical review before they see paramours.

@DoDapper a guy shaved me with a straight razor once

@coralisthree - you've mentioned - definitely up my dark alley of interest.


Just a little trim lol

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