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If it happened tomorrow.
I would.

KevinAverett 7 Feb 3
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No! I will let nothing "absorb" me! I'd love to talk with them, or try, & there is obviously things to learn from them, on many levels, but I'm not getting "absorbed" by any damn thing & will fight to the death to prevent it! Religion or aliens!

Assuming it is transporting you upward.

@KevinAverett I'd love to go traveling, but, I'd still have questions first. & transporting is a whole different word & concept than "absorb"!

Poor terminology.

@KevinAverett Not your fault unless you made the meme. It is, tho. Absorb brings to mind the "Borg", or a hive mind (or a religion!). I value my independence & autonomy & won't give either up without a fight!


Hmmmmm. Hard choice. That anal probing thing is just a myth, right?

Rudy1962 Level 9 Feb 3, 2019

Depends on my mood that day, curious me would go, realist me would say these things are never what they seem at first and our experience with our own species has not been real good in superior technology situations

glennlab Level 9 Feb 3, 2019

IF they appeared without a blaze of glory...I honestly think I'd go.
After dad passes, I'm ready to go anywhere to "explore new places".


Presume it has a digital countdown.
It shows 1 hour.
I would make a few phone calls...and haul ass to it.


Shit yes

Get me away from these Republicans.

J75243 Level 6 Feb 3, 2019
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