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Im evil he he he!

Wendiw 7 Feb 8
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LOL! This has never happened to me, so why can I so vividly imagine it?

BeeHappy Level 9 Feb 9, 2019

That is funny. But I would rather death.

Mokvon Level 8 Feb 9, 2019

Spoken like a person that knows how to value revenge.

glennlab Level 9 Feb 8, 2019

You ARE evil!


That is a better revenge than death. A dead person cannot suffer and regret their bad deeds.

noworry28 Level 8 Feb 8, 2019

Dang! You got this one in before I could! I saw this in one of my FB Groups & had it planned to post here! Beat me to it, woman! Good job!

Lol you're getting to old for this gramps... You might need an assistant lol

@Cutiebeauty Oh, you whippersnapper, you! I'll still out-meme you with one gnarled old claw tied behind my back! & I have a partner, & a Boss (Eric), so, no assistant stop applying!

@phxbillcee you funny lol

@Cutiebeauty As I often say...

@phxbillcee damn, I spilled my water lol

@Cutiebeauty Mission accomplished! (Rookie!)

@Cutiebeauty Ya' know I love ya', Mom to be, but, don't mess with the best!


You forgot pussy warts

steve148 Level 7 Feb 8, 2019

Genital warts in general, not gender specific! LOL!


That'll learn them!

brentan Level 8 Feb 8, 2019

And poison Ivy


Hell on earth!!!

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