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Got to know your audience.

glennlab 9 Feb 9
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The one thing that attracts the opposite sex is smell. It might be sour grapes to some when it is sweet lemons to another.




lol. It’s true!


Lol true... Men are stinkers...

Compared to whom? Menstruating women who only change their pad every other day?

@FrayedBear big block for you... Bye bye misogynist.. !


You don't know my women!

Cutybeauty says that "men are stinkers". I ask: "Compared to whom? Menstruating women who only change their pad every other day?"

@FrayedBear I see. I also see the humor but you've crossed a line I'd (probably?) never. Sorry she blocked you but I understand that as well!

@DangerDave Ah she has announced that, has she. I received the alert of her response but got here to find the thread gone.
As for crossing the line - my line starts with misandrist comments about men - like cutybeauty's. The women are quick to denounce what they see as misogynist - it's time they understood misandry and its effect.

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