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Today's cheese 🧀🧀🧀🧀

By SeaGreenEyez8
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You Muenster!

Livinlife Level 8 Apr 14, 2019

Don't you have a baby to throw your cheese at?

Ludo Level 7 Apr 13, 2019

I don't even have a meme maker, let alone a baby. But I did find this ... (lol)

@SeaGreenEyez y tho?

@EricTrommater ....

@EricTrommater So upon arrival today, I had to. look at that meme again. It's way funnier the second time!


Y tho?

EricTrommater Level 9 Apr 13, 2019


metalhead222 Level 8 Apr 13, 2019

You just got to love cheesy jokes!

Taladad Level 8 Apr 13, 2019
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