6 8

Well shucky darns... looks like damnation for me...totally.. fun times 😉

mistymoon77 9 Mar 8
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Yoga pants seriously?

sushanth Level 2 Mar 8, 2018

I know right.... I love yoga pants.. I also like yoga.. I am doubly dammed.. 🙂


& Dang! I only got 5 out of the bunch! Guess I just have to try harder!!!

@Tecolote 8! I'm so proud.

@Tecolote At my age, I doubt it. Gave up thug, so I can't even claim that one, & the only idol I like is Billy Idol, & even him not so much! I find some Wiccans sexy, but it's not for me, & Allah is just another name for Jehovah,! I only cut myself by accident, while shaving or doing home repair ('cause I can be a klutz at times). I look fetching in yoga pants but get the wrong kind of attention, so that kills 2 more. No, I guess I'm doomed to be an underachiever!

I've only got 5 as well, @phxbillcee. I could argue for 6 since I do idolize a few things. LOL

@Tecolote If you're holding a knife now, whatever you want!!!


Well, at least he knows what he (doesn't) like!


I agree with them about the yoga pants 😛

Some of us can actually wear yoga pants. 🙂


W/e...I'm going to hell in a few...thousand other religions anyway.


LOL Bring it! I ain't skeered!

KKGator Level 9 Mar 8, 2018

All the cool kids are going. It's going to be a wild party😉

@Blindbird I've got a tap. Who's bringing the kegs?

@KKGator I'll bring the red plastic cups & the chips!

I''ll bring the - um - edibles. Brownies, I mean brownies! 😀

@poetdi56 You can definitely sit next to me!!! 😉

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