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Bees Do So Much?

EricTrommater 9 Mar 9
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It's polite to ask first, Eric!


Have you read that stuff though? It's drivel, I don't think I could take anyone seriously who liked it.

You will probably not be shocked to find out that no, I have not.

"50 Shades" has nothing to do with healthy BDSM relationships though. Gray represents in the real world what is known as a criminal sexual sadist. There should be an entire episode devoted to his lawyers clearing him on the charges he'd get when his fake charm failed him. (Being a practitioner, the whole Grey BS really pisses me off!)

@EricTrommater Bahahaha!!!! Haha. I can't stop laughing at this! I love sarcasm

@EricTrommater Trying to add up all the "negatives" in that sentence to find out how many times you read it!

Finally, someone that agrees with me! Boring shit!


That sounds like cause for punishment to me. Maybe not anal, butt still. bwaha

Lol eww

@Blindbird so not even a spanking? You're no fun!

@DangerDave nope! No fun at all.

@Blindbird That's not what your midgets say!

@phxbillcee different they have smaller hands!

But, but, @Blindbird doesn't have a smaller...never mind!

@phxbillcee ha! You know nothing of my dimensions,sir.

@Blindbird ...intellect, I was gonna say intellect!

@phxbillcee uh huh,suuuuuure.

@Blindbird I'm wounded, wounded I say! Where is the trust that we've built up???

@phxbillcee locked up with my midgets. :'''(

@Blindbird I wonder what else you have in your closet!?!

@Blindbird, I may have to agree with DangerDave... a little spanking, etc