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and the champion is . . . .

bookofmorons 8 July 2
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I've heard about it before, but I don't know the story behind it. I think that's absolutely fascinating!

MojoDave Level 9 July 3, 2019

What the fakk?

scurry Level 8 July 2, 2019


Researchers have suggested that the finding may reflect an example of self-mummification where monks undertook years of grueling rituals to mummify themselves to death.

The practice was also widespread in Japan, starting over 1,000 years and continuing until it was banned in the 19 th century.

For the first 1,000 days, the monks ceased all food except nuts, seeds, fruits and berries and they engaged in extensive physical activity to strip themselves of all body fat. For the next one thousand days, their diet was restricted to just bark and roots. Near the end of this period, they would drink poisonous tea made from the sap of the Urushi tree, which caused vomiting and a rapid loss of body fluids. It also acted as a preservative and killed off maggots and bacteria that would cause the body to decay after death.

In the final stage, after more than six years of torturous preparation, the monk would lock himself in a stone tomb barely larger than his body, where he would go into a state of meditation. He was seated in the lotus position, a position he would not move from until he died. A small air tube provided oxygen to the tomb.

Each day, the monk rang a bell to let the outside world know he was still alive. When the bell stopped ringing, the tube was removed and the tomb sealed for the final thousand day period of the ritual.

Robecology Level 8 July 2, 2019

a fascinating insight to total stupidity! Thanks for the info.

@davers Soooo true; the #Religulous to the extreme....

Seriously!!!! What the actual Fakk!!???

To waste a life like that! I thought the Buddists would have better sense seeing that it's not an 'organized' religion. Wrong again!