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Words failed me

Tooreen 7 July 12
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Its better than moose knuckle I guess

Livinlife Level 9 July 14, 2019

I guess you could say that he....nailed it...

Kynlei Level 8 July 12, 2019

The camel or the sculptor?

@Tooreen Yes. 😂


Sculptor was a virgin? Didn't know what he was looking at.




I think that's one of the animals God wouldn't let you eat.

At least I know what he was thinking now.

brentan Level 8 July 12, 2019

In the New Testament, kosher food restrictions were eliminated. Most cultures ban owl for dinner.

So much for fun!

@Captnron59 >so how could he know anything?

He had a vision after he fell off his horse -- a small amount of brain damage.

One of the great things about the bible is they believed in visions and dreams as a source of factual information. As a child, I understood how terribly wrong that was but I was surrounded by people who used the phrase "It's the Gospel truth."

They chastised me for saying "Sounds like bullshit to me."

@Captnron59 ..then all of a sudden he's alone seeing gawd?

For me that requires only the finest mushrooms.


Guess He wanted to hump something else

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