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Today’s Special at John Wayne Gacy’s Grocers.

Vipyr82 7 Mar 15
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Is that a good price for children's thighs?

BeeHappy Level 9 Mar 16, 2018

Next week, I hear it’s half off.


I love children, but so few people know how to cook them properly.

LEPeff Level 8 Mar 15, 2018

It's all in the marinade!


Oh man. SO wrong. LOL

KKGator Level 9 Mar 15, 2018

Either their sign maker has spellcheck, or somebody's got a wicked sense of humor! Or, they could just be atheists!!!

phxbillcee Level 9 Mar 15, 2018

Well it's whole foods, I wouldn't put any of the above past them

@Blindbird that’s good to know. I like my foods whole and not have pieces of it bitten off or missing.

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