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This isn't a meme but sadly its real . . . I mean WTF . . . A 10 minute photoshop lesson would result in more believable result

bookofmorons 8 Sep 4
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Anytime he does this shit (almost daily) you can bet he is trying to shift attention from something important. Another red herring, this.


He’s such a douchebag and idiot and sleaze bag

Rudy1962 Level 9 Sep 5, 2019

That black line looks pretty official to me

Haemish1 Level 8 Sep 5, 2019

Most likely.

freedom41 Level 8 Sep 4, 2019

The Ignorance and Scumbaggery, it's REAL .

GEGR Level 7 Sep 4, 2019

It was so silly. He "happened" to have the poster nearby to show everybody, not mentioning the whole Alabama thing. Just letting it play out so it would be back up later on when people were still questioning his comments. Just like a child caught in a lie.

NHjulie Level 7 Sep 4, 2019

lies are all he has . . seriously


Ya! Let's question the weather service where Alabama is.

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