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Ah, yes, for that silky green hair. (Seriously, though, if you have a racist comment, just keep it to yourself)

Kynlei 8 Sep 21
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I'm not sure why (since I've never worn one) but apparently there are special problems women have with their hair when they wear the hijab, so this shampoo was specially formulated for that. []

altschmerz Level 9 Sep 21, 2019

Oh, I figured that. It's just funny to see a product meant for cleaning hair without hair on the bottle.

@Kynlei yeah, the picture with the flowing hijab is funny too. I just had to Google it and see what the hell that was.


Pretty woman

bobwjr Level 9 Sep 21, 2019

so is it shampoo or a hijab detergent?

That's what I've been trying to figure out.

I have the same question.'s menthol, not that that helps.
Edit: it's Shampoo! Right hand side of the picture or lower left of the product label.


I wouldn’t want it to be required, but wearing a hijab every day is not a bad idea. It would Protect my hair from the Florida sun and I wouldn’t need to fix my hair as much.


Islam isn't a race though.

No, but a surprising amount of people think it is and judge accordingly.

>Islam isn't a race though

True. However most Muslims people happen to meet are brown.

Race is an artificial construct, it is used to group biological species based on a common characteristic, so technecally it could be considered a race, just not the race we normally associate with the word.
definition from websters : A group of individuals that do not necessarily differ in morphology from other members of the species, but have identifiably different physiology or behaviour. A physiological race may be an ecotype, part of a species that is adapted to a different local habitat, defined even by a specific food source.


Solid hair, like the northern lights in reverse

glennlab Level 9 Sep 21, 2019
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