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I smiled. I won’t be going in.

Grahame 6 Dec 8
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Hm-mm, I recall that early during WW2 the English had broken the Nazi code and knew Coventry would be bombed. They knew too that if they defended the city the Nazis would change their code. Nothing implied; please infer nothing.

yvilletom Level 7 Dec 11, 2019

No, thanks.


I'm always the odd person in group, this site is no exception. I think it's clever. I'd go in just because I think it's clever.


Where is the welcoming of non-believers?

Well, they do mention questioning, doubters, seekers, and people who don't like organized religion.
But I'm still not going in, unless they have a bake/craft sale. Then I might. If it's not too busy.

@scurry Coffee might lure me in, but just for the coffee (and the bake sale).

@SiouxcitySue. Mmmm... Coffee.
Churches do tend to have good craft sales and church ladies do make yummy baking; cookies, tarts and the like.
Tis the season.

@scurry: true I've met several good tarts at churches.

@Bn4fE5 I knew as I typed that, that I was setting someone up. LOL. Well done, Sir. And thank you.


A getting desperate sign .

GEGR Level 7 Dec 8, 2019

I think the Anglican Church has managed to separate the spirit of Christ from the body of doctrine. Perhaps this means it is a form of Gnosticism, I'm not sure. I would go to see what kind of community was there, just like I would go on the Camino to Compostela to see what kind of people I might meet there..

brentan Level 8 Dec 8, 2019

They welcome them as a pretense to tell them how bad they are.

you are being serious arent you.Hmmmm

@lookinhard My humor is so dry, it's crisp and crackly baffling thousands in its wake.

@WonderWartHog99 i guess

@WonderWartHog99: possibly. But I used to read Wonder Warthog comics. And even had one.of the t-shirts.

@Bn4fE5 When I would get on different flavors of social media for the first time, I was baffled how many people had beaten me to using Wonder Wart Hog as a screen name. Therefore I'm number 99, no relation to getting smart (another old satire).

Ever read Checkered Demon?

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