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Note to self: Only post memes in meme group. Apparently, other groups don't have a sense of humor.

Merrydelight 7 Mar 28
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If I don't get a joke - I just keep going. Is that odd?

Also I get that this is humor.

Ok I was born sarcastic - but gees? (Also award for best use of screen shots).

RavenCT Level 9 Mar 28, 2018

You see why I don't want our stuff posting in the main section now?

@EricTrommater Yeah I had no idea. It only takes a few literal folk to ruin humor.


It never ceases to amaze me how many soi-disant "Atheists" and "Agnostics" still adhere to the Victorian moralizing of the religious cult in which they were raised.

Personally, I gave up the RC Church for Lent when I was 16 - knowing full well that the assistant pastor was a pederast, being shielded from prosecution by the Pastor and the Bishop; also knowing that most Catholics broke most of their 10 Commandments on a regular basis, went to confession Sunday morning, took Communion to "purify their souls," then went right back to their sinnin' Monday morning.

I decided then and there that "morality" was an artificial construct, a shared fiction. I also decided that from then on, I would be completely Amoral, but ethical. Three rules: don't lie, cheat, or steal. That, in my opinion, along with "be good, be kind, be careful," pretty much fulfills the Social Contract.

And honestly, IMO, society is a complex mechanism whose cogs, cams, and gears, are us: H. Quasi Sapiens. And courtesy is the lubrication for that machine. And self-righteous asshats such as those throw sand into that machine on a regular basis, convinced of their own "moral superiority." Unfuck 'em.

Sorry for the polemic - these walking oxymorons piss me off. Rude humor is first and foremost HUMOR. Not a feckin' attack


Well this is just ridiculous.
Is it funny - ya, kinda - but more than that, it bends over backwards to prove a point.
I would have thought that that would have been obvious, especially in the group originally posted it.

I've found that for a group of what I would have thought to be open minded, critical thinkers, many are not. Many can't look at a post and make critical judgement on why the person posting it is doing so. Some don't even fully read the original post before commenting.

(This is turning into a complaint... sorry)
When I joined (, I was delighted to finally be a part of a 'smart' community, devoid of the childish or close minded drama and blather that one finds on other social media.
Turns out, if you look, you can find it here too.

Bit of a letdown for me, but I'm still super happy I've found this site; grateful for the people I've (virtually) met and the discussions we've shared.

Post On! and ignore the hatters.

scurry Level 8 Mar 28, 2018

The saga continues......I can't stop laughing

Righteous indignation

@Merrydelight Self-righteous snowflakedness

If anybody posted crap like that in the comments section of my group I would have them banned so fast their head would spin.


I feel okay to send Colbert, Sam Bee, Seth Meyers, et al, but anything more "edgy" than Cyanide & Happiness I keep here. (Usually, I sometimes like to poke the "pussycat" cage!)

phxbillcee Level 9 Mar 28, 2018

Good to know. It was an honest mistake

@Merrydelight I'm not laying this on YOU by any means. For some of these agnostic/atheists, they're as prudish as the strictest evangelical & as PC as a college freshman! As someone else commented yesterday, seems a bit of an oxymoron, & I think he's at least half right! Naw, I just know that this is a group that welcomes snark, smut & sass, hell, it's bosses orders!!! Feel free to post here!

@phxbillcee it pains me to say this Bill, but... Well said.

@EricTrommater Thanks, Boss! I'm touched! Hey! Not like that! Get off my leg!

@phxbillcee it's still 44° in Virginia..... I have to keep warm somehow.


Nope they don't. Found that out the hard way myself. Dry as toast they are.

I posted it to the antigun group....I thought it was relevant

@Merrydelight I found a few on here to be very black in white in thinking and I saw this as a good sarcastic funny one even being a progun person. But then again, I am a bit twisted too. 🙂

@mistymoon77 A bit?

@phxbillcee now now... 😉 play nice.. we all know who the twisted ones are..

@mistymoon77 Of course we do, it takes one to know one!


Never argue with Muggles!

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