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A few political memes

Rudy1962 9 Feb 20
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I'll do #1 if I can wear my steel toe boots. And can I get a whack with each foot to see which one works the best?

EricJones Level 8 Feb 21, 2020

Re: Number 5 though I think that pretty much applies to every member of the DNC line up except Sanders.... Warren gets something of a pass with African Americans but all the rest have gone out of their way to piss all over them and now they want their votes?... How can the DNC wonder why they did so badly in 2016?....


I already put in my application to be on his firing squad.... When they say ready I am going to shoot him in the nuts just for the hell of it.... accidentally of course.... Call it Schmuck fever...


Raise my hand to that first one!

He is not worth the effort for me, but I would definitely enjoy watching someone else do it.

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