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Family dinners are such a bore...

Lizard_of_Ahaz 8 Feb 26
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"Good food. Good friends. Good God, let's eat" will do 'ya.

Petunia's relatives drag grace on until the food gets cold. [Insert your favorate vularity here] Southern Baptists picking a bad time to get self-rightous on me.


Lol why not

bobwjr Level 9 Feb 27, 2020

This is something that I have never experienced. I remember going to friends houses and not allowed to touch the food until grace was said. Then I just stared at my lap. I never closed my eyes.

Doraz Level 7 Feb 27, 2020

Then say "grace" and start eating...


2, 4, 6, 8,
Bog in don't wait.

They will never ask you again.

Budgie Level 7 Feb 27, 2020

I know the feeling.

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