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Good idea....

Freespirit64 8 Apr 2
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Duchess Level 7 Apr 3, 2020

The Chinese are very pissed off about this;

They are 4x the population of the U.S.; yet they appear to be close to eliminating the epidemic with not nearly the dead nor inflicted in the U.S.


Data for the other info I shared...from a very useful link...


I’m not sure how much to believe out of China

@BudFrank Of course there’s always propaganda. I hope you went to the data site...very informative - and the source is international folk...not just Chinese.

But look around your home. They make almost everything we own...cheaper, faster, and better.

Ever eat Chinese? Fast food, nutritious....they were “fast food” years before Mac D’s...only no drive up.

As a teacher - it was always a given - when a Chinese-American kid checked in - they went to the top of the class.

Smart, hard working...industrious...and...ahead of the rest of the world.

Their energy policies used to be a new coal plant every week a few years ago.

Now they’re closing one a week....

and they’ve already exceeded us in Solar, wind energy and EV cars. Doubled US output already. Google “Alternative Energy in China”...they’re years ahead of us.

The facts are out there...If you’re not sure - check. Don’t fall behind the curve...

@Robecology no wonder trump is obsessed with them.
You know that whole South China Sea thing is gonna cause problems....

@Robecology, @BudFrank I mean. I'm not sure how much to believe out of our own government....

@Freespirit64 and @BudFrank.

I watched a film by Jacques Costeau; who sat and asked Fidel Castro many years ago, why he felt communism was best.

Fidel's answer stuck with me to this day; "The people are not "disciplined"...

That's the problem with dealing with a nation that has a communist leadership...they don't trust "the people". They treat them like children.

But the facts are clear.

Cuba might have a vaccine for both Lung cancer and the COVID virus.

China is years ahead of us in alternative energy development.

China spends one tenth of what we do on the military-industrial thing. (see the chart, below).

A few years ago, China was opening a coal power plant every week. Now they've got 2x the wind generators, 4x the Solar panels, and 6x the hydropower we have....and they're closing those coal power plants.


They're not the "Russian" style of communism; but they are very restrictive with even what Internet they can receive . I chat regularly with a Chinese businessman on LinkedIn. The Chinese communists get things done...the Russian communists (allegedly they're capitalists....but we know better) get nothing done...and are throwing a lot of their money in to the same things we and the Saudi's are...Fossil fuels.

Have you heard of Jack Ma? He's founder of Alibaba - an up and coming Amazon competitor is a serious self-made Chinese billionaire...follow and get to know him.[]

The Chinese may twist the truth and treat their people "like children" but they get things done far better than we do.

Our own government is getting swallowed up with greedy fossil fuel/ pharmaceutical/military-industrial/insurance based businesses; that will keep Sanders out and keep Trump and his type in....and they will milk us Americans dry.

Oh...and guess who does...and doesn't....have universal health care? But that's another issue.

@Robecology Well thanks, cause now I've got more research on my plate.


Better yet, become vegetarian.


Bat wings need too much batter

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