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A little perspective

glennlab 9 Apr 8
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well said


The buses around here suck.

...and the politicians??

@scurry I was staying with the metaphor - almost none of the politicians are aligned with my ideas and the ones that are don't push hard enough and don't seem to have the courage of their convictions. The buses don't go where I think we should go. As Biden said to his more wealthy donors, "Nothing will fundamentally change if I'm elected." I believe him.


It's still going to be painful😥

MrChange Level 7 Apr 9, 2020

I'd rather be a mile closer to my intended destination than sitting at home watching my destination disappear.

@glennlab agreed. However in my eyes the world is behind in so many things. We literally should have hover technology or something close to it. Our mode of transportation hasn't changed much. We are still using fossil fuel🙄. Our justice system is archaic. Our leaders print monopoly money. Our world is not moving and evolving because of greed. America has come a long way but that's the same as watching a snail approach a mile. So, yes it will be painful when I vote. I have to vote to support local municipalities as well.

@MrChange I have been fighting these battles for 50 years, social and political change is by design slow. The world is moving and evolving, just not in the direction many of us would like and greed is the reason. If history has shown us anything, it is that compromise is the only way forward. Power is never surrendered willingly and must be taken slowly or it will result in all out war.
Voting is only the first step in taking part in democracy, you've got to get out in the trenches and fight for what you believe in, take the small wins and evenetually we might win the war.

@glennlab I agree. I'm definitely voting. It's just a pain in the rear for me. Lol.