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You can too!

BeeHappy 9 Apr 2
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Well I know what I'm wearing to work tomorrow then!

Livinlife Level 9 Apr 2, 2018

Let us know how it goes! ?

@BeeHappy lol, will do!


Because of the fur...

Wait. So you're saying if I don't shave from the waist down it's cool not to wear pants?

@Blindbird if you have as much fur as a bear....

@EricTrommater butt off course I do

@Blindbird well you know I'm anti-pants!

@Blindbird please shave...and go without clothes.

@Captnron59 no

@Blindbird I said please!! You know... the magic word? Pretty please?

@Captnron59 no

@Blindbird don't be so mean...


That's good to know!! Thanks

My pleasure! ?


Yah, but he evidently doesn't have any genitalia

Rudy1962 Level 9 Apr 2, 2018

That we can see. Lol

@BeeHappy I'm not going too look too close

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