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Even in black and white you can see the David Bowie had two different colored eyes..... How is that possible?

EricTrommater 9 Apr 3
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Bowie had an eye injury as a child.

Mooolah Level 8 Apr 3, 2018

??? this is the only man that could turn me 100% gay

sadoslim Level 5 Apr 3, 2018

So, then there's some that could turn you 99% gay? 90%? That's what we call a "slippery slope"!!! LOL


I had a friend who had 2 different colored eyes, one was light brown, the other was a green hazel. So cool, all you can do is stare & wonder if it's your eyes going wacky or if they will change colors in front of your own eyes.


I didn't even notice he had different colored eyes...man....

More coffee needed!


Here's 2 more, one got his 15 minutes & the other, well, different eye color...


Heterochromia...my 1st fiance had it. Merely one of her charms.

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