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@phxbillcee When you try to post to a group, does it let you select the picture then reload and a different version of your gallery appears, you select the picture again and it reloads the gallery again? That's what I've been experiencing. It's a three step process to upload to a group. But, normal to post to the main page. @admin

Melbates 7 Apr 4
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I try to post a photo anywhere & my gallery "jumps" with a blank 'entry line' I keep trying & still just get "jumps", then when I finally quit it takes like 3 tries to exit the gallery. For responses I'm not even given the 'photo' option as before. I can post videos from YT in either posts or comments, but not photos.

Yep almost looks like a virus doesn't it? So weird. I've never had a site glitch cause what looks like a glitch on my files.
I took me an average of 3 to 6 tries to get the ones I did to load.

I hope it's resolved tomorrow.

@RavenCT wow. Okay, then, I have no idea. 😟


Yup that's what is happening to me.

RavenCT Level 9 Apr 4, 2018

Keep trying repeatedly. It'll eventually appear so you can post.