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I warned @Blindbird, I really did...

phxbillcee 9 Apr 5
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So can I eat them now?

Rudy1962 Level 9 Apr 5, 2018

Or you can cook them first. Your choice, bro.


Still no photo option in comments, but if I try 3 or 4 times each I can post photos for a post. The inevitable march of progress!


Also @triggered....

Now it's time for ME to say, awww! LOL

Also....you know!


Stole the get well soon one...I have a buddy in the hospital to whom I'm sending it.

Like I didn't steal it in the first place!!! Go for it!


You had one job! Pest control wasn't it.

I am not a pest!

@Blindbird Uh, yeah, you are! You're OUR pest, but, still!



KKGator Level 9 Apr 5, 2018
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