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One track mind

mistymoon77 9 Apr 8
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KKGator Level 9 Apr 8, 2018

Well, I know the first works for me, haven't tried the second one yet!


@mistymoon77 It's a big surprise that I haven't experienced the joys of menstruation, yet??? I woulda thought you had already figured that one out!

@phxbillcee I would say that's a good thing.. when you said... yet.. had me worried there for a second..

@mistymoon77 Just threw that in there to keep you on your toes! Yeah, I'm too old now! LOL

@mistymoon77 & if you think the vast majority of single men, & many that are in relationships, don't 'manhandle the manhood', you've led way to sheltered a life. Hell, many women 'fondle the fold' on a regular basis!

@phxbillcee you must have me confused with someone else. 😉

@phxbillcee TMI if you have experienced the 2nd one.. I will put you in the circus

@mistymoon77 LGBTQ's are no longer part of sideshows! For shame! Keep that up & I'll have to spank you!


Either works lol !!!

Nickbeee Level 8 Apr 8, 2018