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I camped in Florida a few times. Glad I didn't run into this

Rudy1962 9 Apr 9
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How'd you get a picture of my backyard? 😉

I'm out back. Can you see me?

@Rudy1962 holy shit! A gator on the internet. Don't tell Bill, you'll feed his paranoia.

@Blindbird Gators don't bother me. I lived in FL a few times. It was the humidity that got me! Plus, always remember, you don't have to run faster than the 'gators, Only faster than your partner!

@phxbillcee lol. Get rid of the baggage plus plausible deniability. I like it.

@Blindbird Yeah, I had a feeling you would!

@phxbillcee you so get me !

@Blindbird Promises, promises!!!


Having camped in Florida - I'd say - Don't. It's rarely cool enough to enjoy. Another place you can try is south Georgia, specifically the Okefenokee Swamp. In January, the gators are hibernating. 🙂

poetdi56 Level 7 Apr 9, 2018

I don't really see that as a problem, lol.

Insectra Level 8 Apr 9, 2018

Next move? Like after the movement I'd have just made in my pants? Really though, unless there's a clutch nearby they 'probably' wouldn't mess with you.... wouldn't wanna test that theory though!

But the smell of you shitting your pants may arouse them lol !!!


Oh my days.. lol

Nickbeee Level 8 Apr 9, 2018
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