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If you don't like the descriptor, get out of the left lane

glennlab 9 Nov 27
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Which makes me think of this one...

or these


See this requires research, my evidence is the sorry SOB that heats fish in the cafeteria microwave.
There should be an official list.
These are confusing times, someone refers to someone else as asshole-I request clarification because there's so many to choose from.


Or people who currently refuse to conceed.

DenoPenno Level 9 Nov 27, 2020

yes, but the BIGGER assholes are the ones that ride the bumper of the left lane loser, when the right lane is open ... and they could simply pass on the right instead of getting their fucking panties tied up in a knot.

I disagree.

@JeffMurray Your reading comprehension needs improvement. This has nothing to do with my observation "ride the bumper of the left lane loser, when the right lane is open "

This is about slow traffic in BOTH lanes, and the assholes who are speeding and cause accidents.

@AtheistInNC Umm, no, it's not. It's about people having to go around people who are in the passing lane going slow (necessarily in a lane to the right as you suggested) which increases the likelihood of accidents. Thus, people who want to avoid this by informing the slow left-lane driver that they are being fucking idiots (and in a majority of states, doing something illegal and dangerous) are NOT bigger assholes.
Your viewing comprehension needs work...

@JeffMurray Wow Jeff, are you Republican? Proof is a difficult concept for you it seems, so I'll provide pictures as well. Not sure it will help, since proof is an alien concept, as well as reading comprehension.

My first statement : "...when the right lane is open..."
your reply: video created by some dick head trying to make a point about driving slow in the left lane.

your reply: "No, blah blah blah but the video is about blah blah blah"

now my final reply: I SAID WHEN THE RIGHT LANE IS OPEN.

Here it is, straight from the video at 0:42 seconds "If you have relatively slow drivers SCATTERED AMONGST THE RIGHT AND LEFT LANES..."

This has NOTHING to do with my point about THE RIGHT LANE BEING OPEN.

Get a clue, dude.

@AtheistInNC If you can get around someone by going in the right lane then necessarily it's open. I don't know what's so hard to understand about that for you.

@JeffMurray Well, then, by your definition, if you can throw a brick through the store window, the store is obviously open because you can get inside.

seriously dude.

@AtheistInNC That is a poor analogy. You have to break something to open the store before you can get inside. Did the video say you had to crash into other cars to be able to change lanes? Then not analogous. (Not to mention the fact that you're using two different definitions of the word 'open'. You're not very good at this.)

I'll have to expand my definition of "bigger assholes" as well.

@AtheistInNC No need to get all bitchy just because I showed everyone you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

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