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Can vs Should. But anyway...

scurry 9 Jan 15
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I knew a person who lived someplace warm (as opposed to me) and she said you could always tell someone who had an avocado tree in their backyard because their dog was fat. Eating the ground drops. Since that time the internet came along and I have seen dogs shouldn't eat them. So I have always wondered about that story.

Rainbird Level 5 Jan 15, 2021

I had 2 big dogs and avocado trees and 7 macadamia nut trees. One dog could successfully crack open macadamia nuts in her mouth and eat them. Her coat was VERY Shiny. The other one could hear an avocado drop from 5 acres away and would run out and get it to eat it. He was indeed quite pudgy (even with that big yard). Since then I have heard they shouldn't eat either, but what can you do?


Hiya! Long time, no post.
How the hell are ya?

KKGator Level 9 Jan 15, 2021

I'm good, thanks. Not away on purpose.
But I have lost all concept of time... It might be Monday or maybe it's November, not sure. LOL
I'll try to do better. 😉

@scurry Glad, you're well. No explanations necessary. 😁


I had a dog that used to eat sand, when we went to the bed she loved you to kick it up in the air so she could snap at it. Lots of roughage in sand. But I would say no to the tacos I can just imagine the stink and possible mess.

Budgie Level 8 Jan 15, 2021

Photos of my sand eating pup. At the Beach not the bed some days I am not sure what my brain does.


I used to have a black lab, he would eat all those and more.

glennlab Level 9 Jan 15, 2021

My brother used to have a black lab. Awesome "pup". Loyal, loving and such a sweet girl.
He used to throw stuff in the lake for her to fetch. When we didnt, she would bring us rocks... Boulders... that she dug up from the bottom of the lake. Goofy girl.

@scurry My yellow lab liked to drag my cat tails out of my pond so he could munch on them. The rootball was a good 100 pounds and he had to drag it over a 2 foot high wall. At least twice a week.

@glennlab Definitely water dogs. And with super strength. Nothing like the love of a good dog, and aren't they all good? 💛🐕

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